South Kivu: a new project targets vulnerable populations

Jun 15, 2017

Ceremony to mark laying the foundation stone of the bureau of the Kamanyola settlement by the Mwami of Ngwese, in the presence of the Japanese ambassador. Photo credit: UNDP DRC / Aude Rossignol/2017

Vulnerable populations of Luvungi and Kamanyola, on the Ruizzi plain, are about to benefit from a social reintegration project financed by Japan and UNDP. This area is marked by insecurity and shifting populations, including refugees from Burundi. This new initiative aimed at stabilisation is therefore welcome in order to strengthen social cohesion and stimulate socio-economic development.

Several activities are planned: Reinforcing administrative capacities, construction and equipment of administration offices of Kamanyola and Luvungi, support of the two community radios, 40km of agricultural service roads restoration… These various actions/undertakings will employ the local workforce, which will generate income and savings for the creation of small businesses. The project will also support the prevention and control of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS via training modules. This project is being carried out by UNDP with funding of US $1 million from Japan. UNDP is contributing 150,000 dollars.

The official ceremony to launch the Social Stabilisation and Protection of Vulnerable Groups project took place on 29th May in the Kamanyola and Luvungi communities. The event was held in presence of the Japanese Ambassador, the UNDP Deputy Country Director and South Kivu province Governor.

Alfredo Teixeira, UNDP Deputy Country Director declared that “the funding from Japan emphasizes not only the quality of its partnership with UNDP but also Japan’s commitment alongside the Congolese government in researching effective means of achieving the objectives of sustainable development.

Japan’s priority, stability in South Kivu

His Excellency Ambassador Hiroshi KARUBE said “This project is one of the main priorities of Japanese Cooperation with the Democratic republic of the Congo in accordance with the prescriptions of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI), held in Nairobi in August 2016, in the presence of Mr Shinzo ABE, Prime Minister of Japan. This project follows the activities inaugurated at Idjwi, entitled ‘Rapid Response for the Social Cohesion and Economic Recovery in South Kivu and Ituri’, with a view to complementing and maximising results in South Kivu.”

The Governor of South Kivu province took advantage of the ceremonies to plead with the population to help stabilise the area. “Many things have happened on our plain because of a lack of foresight regarding peace and stability. It is up to us to watch over it. The success of this project relies on peace, social cohesion, and regional stability. My dear citizens, you must tell your children we need peace and in return we will have aid programmes for the Ruizzi plain.”

The project, carried out by UNDP together with the provincial and local authorities of South Kivu will be implemented in partnership with several players, namely national NGOs, specialist companies, international NGOs as well as state services. Designed to last for a period of 12 months, the project’s ventures will get underway in the two settlements of Kashenyi / Kamanyola and Itara / Luvungi.


Aude Rossignol

Article translated by Frances Scott

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