Purchasing Procedures

In order to fulfill its mandate and conduct its activities in the best possible conditions, the UNDP purchases services, goods, and/or work in significant volume. As a public organization required to manage donated funds, purchases by the UNDP are public and respect the following fundamental principles when engaging in public procurement:

  • Best Value for Money: a strategy to select the offer that best corresponds to the needs of the end user and which best balances quality and price. Best Value for Money is the result of many factors, including product quality, experience, the reputation of the supplier, costs and advantages of the life cycle, and parameters that measure to what extent the good or service allows the organization to achieve its strategic goals, be they social, environmental, or otherwise.
  • Fairness, Integrity, and Transparence: the UNDP assures that the competitive process is fair, forthright, and transparent. All potential suppliers must be treated equally and transparently, and the process must include clear evaluation critera, unambiguous application instructions, realistic requirements, and rules and procedures that are easy to understand. To this end, the UNDP organizes information sessions for its large purchases and invites interested tenderers to participate.
  • Equal International Competition: the UNDP is tasked with ensuring that all potential suppliers have the same timely and adequate information on the needs of the UNDP, guaranteeing an equal chance to participate in the procurement process. However, some restrictions may be placed, as in the following example cases:
  • Applications from pre-qualified suppliers
  • Applications from two more suppliers with which the UNDP has signed Long-term Agreements in a given sphere of activity.
  • The Best Interest of the UNDP: all commercial transactions must comply with the mandate and the principles of the UNDP and the United Nations Organization.

Formats for Procurement Notices

  • Request For Quotation (RFQ): This procurement notice format is used for purchases under $100,000 USD and for which the description for goods, with or without associated services, can be clearly defined by the UNDP.
  • Invitation To Bid (ITB): This procurement notice format is used for purchases over $100,000 USD and for which the description for goods, with or without associated services, can be clearly defined by the UNDP.
  • Request For Proposal (RFP): This type of procurement notice consists of a request for proposal (RFP) and is used when the UNDP sollicits submissions for the purchase of services or goods for which the UNDP does not possess the requisite internal expertise.  This applies for both the purchase and the implementation.

Market Research

Conducting market research studies allows for a better understanding of the business environment in which the UNDP operates. This study is conducted for several reasons, of which these are the primary goals:

  • Supplier prequalification: the process conducted in order to establish a database of suppliers with resources and expertise in specific domains, for recurring and complex supply actions.  Suppliers who meet established criteria can be prequalified and are the only ones consulted during the procurement process in related spheres of activity.
  • Request for Information (RFI): A request for information (RFI) is a method of continually updating the UNDP supplier database to better understand the market and innovations in the business environment.
  • Expression of Interest (EOI): The call for expression of interest is a notice that provides general information on the needs for goods, work, or services for applications to come. Suppliers are invited to express their interest before a set deadline by presenting detailed information that demonstrates their experience and qualifications in providing similar goods/services.

It is important to note that these market studies do not guarantee eventual contracts with the UNDP, given that effective competition is condition of eligibility for any market except in cases of monopoly, as in the following examples:

  • Supply of automobile insurance: the monopoly in this domain is held by SONAS (National Insurance Company);
  • Supply of electrical lines on the national network: the monopoly in this domain is held by SNEL (National Electric Company);
  • Monopolies are generally dictated by the national legislature of a country where prices are also determined by official decrees.

How to Access UNDP Procurement Notices

The UNDP publishes its procurement notices on the organization’s websites at both the national and local level. Those websites are:

It is important to note that the UNDP also publishes procurement notices in local newspapers and on certain websites that hold long-term contracts with the UNDP, such as MEDIACONGO.

How to Contact the UNDP Purchasing Department

The UNDP includes the relevant information for obtaining clarification on current procurement notices as well as the conditions for submitting a tender in its procurement notices. However, businesses interested in writing to the UNDP purchasing department may send an email to the attention of the Director of Operations to the address (at)

Current Procurement Notices


List of Awarded Contracts

Title Name of Vendor Sum (in $US) Contract Date Duration
Supply of fuel to United Nations agencies ENGEN DRC and TOTAL RDC 9,649,642.50 13/09/2013 3 years
Payment services by mobile phone MOBILE CASH RDC SPRL and AIRTEL MONEY RDC SPRL
3 years
Restoration of police in Kapalata/Kisangani - Police Proximity Project LE TRAITEUR SPRL
12/09/2013 6 months
Construction of markets in Maniema APPRAR
17/09/2013 6 months
Construction of bridges in Rubaya and Bihambwe (North Kivu) LINE CONSTRUCTION
4 months
Construction of markets in Rubaya and Bihambwe (North Kivu) GROUPE JOMED
4 months
Micro-appraisal of partners in implementing activities financed by the EXCOM agencies of the United Nations






5 years  
Equipment for the implementation of revenue-generating activities


3 months
Telephone services LTA


3 years
Telephone services LTA


6,087,000 9/2013 3 years
Construction work on infrastructure near the equator (PADDL)


3 months
Construction work on infrastructure near the equator (PADDL)


175,283 4/6/2013 3 months

Rehab work on the Ministry of the Interior


3 months

Restoration of police in the instruction center in KAPALATA in Kisangani, under the JICA project


50 days

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