Access for all to sustainable energy

Sep 11, 2015

Discussion Task Group towards access for all to sustainable energy. Credits : Marc Ngwanza, UNPD-DRC 2015

Contribution from Mme Priya Gajraj, Head of the country’s UNPD programme during the Special Work-group rally to participants formulating the Action Agenda (AAP) and shaping the Investment Programme (IP), aimed at access for all to sustainable energy
Your excellency, Minister of Power and Hydro Resources; 
Ladies and gentlemen , secretary generals of the administration;
Ladies and gentlemen , heads of business:
Distinguished guests,
I feel honoured to have been invited to take part in this task group for partners in the Sustainable Energy for All project . 
First of all, I feel I must welcome the commitment of his excellency the minister for power and hydro resources who has kindly agreed to chair this event which is of crucial importance for the Action Agenda on developing sustainable energy.
Your excellency, Minister,
Distinguished guests, 
As you know, 2015 is an important year for development. To be able to reach a level of  prosperity that we can all share, it is more essential than ever to balance the economic, social and environmental  imperatives before us.
This month in New York the international community will be drawing up a new programme for post-2015 development with concrete aims and objectives for sustainable development. In Paris in December we expect to reach agreements on climate change.
My first message then is this : sustainable energy is the link between economic growth, a fair society, and protection of the environment. 
Energy consumption is the conductor across the various sections of development. It lies at the heart of the struggle against climate change. And it is absolutely essential if we are to improve people’s lives.
Our common aim must therefore be to bring these utterly transforming changes to every area of society. We need new approaches which will reach to the heart of the means of production and consumption, noteably  agriculture, industry, infrastructures and transport.
The sustainable energy for all initiative must continue to involve government, businesses, investors, civil society and the citizens themselves to transform the energy systems. Working together we can provide light for rural clinics, support local business, charge-up the economy and protect the environment.
Your excellency, Minister,
Distinguished guests, 
The Democratic Republic of Congo possesses a hand of trump cards for realising its vision for development and its quest to move on from status as an emerging country. Electrical power is one of the critical factors for sustainable development in this country. However, more than 75% of the population still does not have access to electricity. This fact represents a major paradox within this country’s potential.
My second message, therefore, is this: Together we must stand firm with the country in order to accelerate the development of its energy. We must work towards creating improved access to modern energy supplies for local communities.
The Democratic republic of the Congo already has a government approved national strategy to support its commitment to sustainable energy for all. With the support of UNPD and SNV, it has an energy Atlas plan to promote the country’s development of potential sustainable energy, especially the 780 hydroelectric plants established across the country’s 145 territories. 
These efforts have enabled the RDC to be selected as one of the six main African countries, and the only French-speaking country,to benefit from BAD, the African Development Bank,  and UNPD, supported within the national  Action agenda  and investment programmes.
We must, therefore continue to build on these efforts by formulating the national  Action Agenda and Investment programme.  These are the tools that will give us a comprehensive, long-term vision of the country to ensure that there will be access to energy for all.
Your excellency, Minister,
Distinguished guests, 
Across the world and here in the democratic Republic of the Congo we can see great, important changes in the way that energy is being supplied and used. These changes support development, protect the environment and improve the people’s quality of life.
These are the efforts we must all jointly make to contribute to the country’s future.
Thank you

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