Select Task Group on National Report Themes for Human Development 2016

Jul 23, 2015

Speech by Priya Gajraj

UNDP Resident representative 


Your Excellency, Minister for the Plan for Modernisation  Revolution ;
Honorable Members and Senators;
 Ladies and gentlemen representing the embassies, missions for co-operation and International organisations;
Ladies and gentlemen of the private sector, and the academic world,;
 My dear colleagues within the United Nations;
 Distinguished guests;

I am honoured to be here with you on the occasion of the special task group for identifying the theme of the next National Report  on Human Development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Since 1990 the United Nations development programme has underpinned the preparation and publication of the National Report on Human Development  (NRHD), representing state of the nation in the matter of its development. The NRHD is a point of reference in the discussions concerning how countries’ challenges for development are confronted .
This, indeed, is an independent study which will enliven the reflections and debates on a difficult task which is essential to the country’s future. 

Your Excellency, Minister ;
Ladies and gentlemen;

On the occasion of this task group session I would like to share with you one key message: The principal aim of development is to widen the range of choices available to the people, to obtain access to an income, employment, education, health care, the opportunity to fully participate in  decision-making and to enjoy  the fundamental human liberty of economic and political freedom.

Human development is a notion still in its evolution, rather than a set of fixed precepts. The tools and analytical methods are evolving as the world is changing. Human development demands that the aims and objectives of that development should remain open to discussion. The analytical framework for human development applies to every country, rich or poor, and to all peoples. The content and proposals from NRHD must enable the easing of the burden for every human being in every sphere of development.

Your Excellency, Minister 
Ladies and gentlemen

The process for a successful national report on human development is dependent on respect for certain fundamental principles. These are: national appropriation, the quality and independence of the analysis, an inclusive and participative approach, flexibility, creative presentation and sustained follow-through.

Todays meeting, underlining these principles aims not only to identify the central theme of NRHD 2016 but also to organise the selection of members who will be part of the various steering committees for strategy and assessment.

Since 2002 the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, working with public organisations and development partners, has drawn up four NRHD. The last one, in 2014, focussed on :
“ Social cohesion for an emerging DRC.” Launched on the 26th of February 2015, under the chairmanship of his Excellency the Prime Minister, the conclusions of this NRHD are helping to nourish the democratic debate. 

The earlier ones, published in 2010, 2008 and 2005 focussed respectively on : 
Decentralisation of democratic governance, faced with the demands of human development;
 Restoring peace and reconstruction
Governance, social cohesion and sustainable human development in the DRC

Your Excellency, Minister 
Ladies and gentlemen

With the new timetable on Aims and Objectives of Sustainable Development and preparation of the national strategy for development (2017-2021) we must work towards maintaining the development issues at the forefront of the debates.

In conclusion, it is therefore the wish of UNDP that the NRHD 2016 theme should continue the democratic debate, should bear on the improvement of the living conditions of the population, and should  make use of every sign of growth in order that the DRC will stand alongside the emerging countries in 2030.

Thank you

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