Address of UNDP's country director Michel Balima on the occasion of the official closure of police training at the Kasapa police school in the province of Katanga.

3 août 2014

Excellency, Governor of the province of Katanga,
Sir, the representative of the commissioner-general of the national Congolese police.
Sir, the resident representative of JICA in the DRC.
Sir the representative of MONUSCU in Lubumbashi
Sir, the commander of the Kasapa police school
Managerial staff of the national Congolese police,
Distinguished guests.

It is a great honour for me to speak on this day of closure of the first long-term police training session, organised at the Kasapa police school since the 16th September 2013, benefiting 459 policemen and 29 policewomen, to reinforce the professional and operational capacities of the national Congolese police, in their roles to protect the people and the estate.

The assistance of the UNDP to the reinforcement of the capacities of the national Congolese police, with financing from JICA, started in 2009 and today, covers 5 phases in multiple provinces, which are : North Kivu, Bas-Congo, Orientale, and here in Katanga.
This training session will enter the history books, because it is the first long-term basic training session organised at this school after more than a decade of inactivity. It is the fruit of a 4 part partnership between JICA, UNPOL, PNC and the UNDP, who respond to the concern to deploy to the ground, people  professionally apt to execute police missions, as well as applying the law and making sure it is respected. This partnership is equally inscribed in our conjoined efforts to actively participate in peace consolidation in this beautiful country.
It is why I would like to underline the efforts of each party and the partners involved, without whom it would've been  difficult, almost impossible to implement this phase of the project. Despite all the difficulties encountered, the team spirit and mutual efforts allowed the training to be successfully carried out.
Today, 488 police officers are equipped with solid knowledge and will join the ranks of the national Congolese police, after 6 months of baseline training. The ending of this training therefore inaugurates a new step for these men and women, and for the national police, within which they will fulfil their careers, servicing the entire Congolese nation.

I am pleased that the police forces trained here are very expected on the field, especially in this period where urban, municipal and local elections have been announced, where they will play an indispensable role in securing the electoral process and stabilising the country.
The UNDP therefore hopes that the new workforce will be used in optimal manner, to improve security conditions for the Congolese population and of every foreigner, that they will be the elite who respect human rights, reassures the public, protect the rights of women and children and fight against all forms of discrimination based on gender.
I cannot conclude my speech without saying a word to the new laureates, to whom I extend my sincerest congratulations for having mustered up the willingness to pursue training to term.
I encourage them to take advantage of their hard-won learnings and now work with more professionalism, making a difference on the ground as a result of  their responsible attitudes and behaviours, respecting morals and ethical rules.
Distinguished guests,
Being an agency of the United Nations in aid of development, the UNDP promises to contribute to the continuation of the achievements by this project through their other programs and  once again thanks all parties involved for their contribution and trust.
I particularly would like to thank the Japanese government who, through JICA, allowed us to consolidate our support to PNC.
In terms of outlooks, we  sincerely wish to pursue this fabulous experience, either by continuing it in Katanga, or by extending it to other provinces, and we hope that the success of this project will reap a mobilisation of adequate resources to make this great operation profitable to the PNC and the Congolese state.
The UNDP remains ready to support the government's efforts in the police reforms currently in place, and to pursue this strategic partnership to strengthen the capacities of the national police
as well as for other security priorities identified by the government.

Thank you all.

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