Message by the Secretary General for the occasion of the International Human Solidarity Day

Aug 12, 2014

At the dawn of this century, world leaders who reunited at the Millennium Summit reaffirmed their dedication for peace and security, for human rights and for good governance. They agreed to a set of targets, summarized in the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals, to eliminate extreme poverty and hunger by 2015, as well as fight against preventable diseases and other global social and economic ills. They further declared that these objectives require mutual respect and shared responsibility between each of us.

This year marks the International Human Solidarity Day by affirming our commitment to work together to bridge the gaps that remain when attaining the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals and define the post-2015 path to taken so as to create a more viable future for everyone. We all have a role to play in resolving political, environmental and social problems of today and we must all contribute according to our means to deploy efforts to ensure sustainable development, to profit according to our needs and its advantages. This is the same principle of justice and of equity and this is the sense of solidarity.

On this International Human Solidarity Day, I ask each of you, regardless of your country, religion, culture or tradition, to make as common cause the promise made at the turn of the Millennium and ensure that future generations receive peace, prosperity and sustainable progress as a legacy.

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