Official launch of the Police Capacity Building Project in Kasapa (Katanga)

May 10, 2014

Police officers march at the opening of the Kasapa police training school (Katanga). Credit: Geneviève Delaunoy, UNDP, 2013.

The fifth phase of the project to strengthen the professional and operational capacity of the Congolese National Police was officially launched this Wednesday, October 16 in Kasapa in the province of Katanga. This step coincides with the opening of the Kasapa Training School in the same province.

This project was initiated in 2009 thanks to financing by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). It aims to strengthen the capacities of police officers so that they will be more able to effectively fulfil their mission according to international norms regarding rights and freedoms in a democratic country. To date, nearly 4,400 police officers have been trained across the DRC, in particular in Kapalata in the province of Orientale, in Kadangulu in the province of Bas-Congo, and in Goma for the Nord-kivu and South-kivu provinces.

According to the UNDP Country Director, "By choosing the province of Katanga to open this new School, formerly known as the 'Kasapa Police Training Centre', we are opening a new historical page in this partnership and in this desire of the international community to respect these commitments regarding policy reforms and to respond to the priorities of the Government which encourages national coverage in the interventions of its partners".

This 5th phase has lasted six months, and cost a total of USD 2,000,000. It will provide training for 500 police officers including 30 women in Katanga, and thus falls under the continuity of the PNC-MONUSCO/UNPOL-JICA-UNDP four-party partnership which began in 2009. A mission to verify the impact is planned upon completion of this programme.

Through this project, the National Congolese Police (PNC) will fully participate in consolidating technical and professional knowledge of its members with respect to the missions they are assigned to, notably in terms of judicial police, public security, general information, and traffic police.

A particular emphasis is placed on combating impunity and on interactions with the community, strengthening capacities in transparent, effective and efficient management of their service, and in the human resources and equipment at their disposal. The project should also improve the security situation throughout the country. The training will be provided by MONUSCO/UNPOL and the National Congolese Police.

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