UNDP Trains Three Provincial Assemblies’ Website Managers

Sep 16, 2016

On 15-16 September 2016, the Project for Support to Democratic Institutions and Civil Society (PAIDES) organized a training session for the website managers of the provincial assemblies of Kwilu, Kasaï Oriental and Tshopo. The participants now have the necessary skills to manage their websites and use them as tools for visibility and to interact with local communities.

This training was highly innovative for me. I am not an IT specialist, but the methodology used by the trainer helped me to acquire the competencies that will allow me to be more effective in my role,” said Laurent Bolelanyele, website manager for the provincial assembly of Tshopo.  Luc Masambuka, a press and communications officer for the provincial assembly of Kwilu, further stated that “the assembly is elected by the people, and the people will now have easy access to the site, will be informed of all parliamentary proceedings, and, through the site, will be able to react and provide suggestions, opinions and observations.

From now on, we will share everything that we do with the public. Not everyone has the time to attend parliamentary sessions, and the site is a tool that will allow the provincial assembly to inform the population about its work in a spirit of accountability and transparency. The population will also be able to express themselves. They can provide suggestions and share their concerns with elected officials and the different authorities who will have access to the site,” concluded Laurent Bolelanyele from the provincial assembly of Tshopo.

The training was conducted by UNDP partner agency IKA Conseil/France, for the benefit of the men and women responsible for communications, and those overseeing the daily administration and updating of the websites. The website managers are now able to independently update content on the websites of the provincial assemblies.

Interacting with the Population Using the Websites

The goal is to facilitate visibility as well as the provincial assemblies’ internal and external communications. The sites will allow provincial assemblies to publish and archive legislative documents and reports from various missions. Additionally, the sites will help the assemblies to better preserve and encourage institutional memory, and will allow the public to inform itself about the work of its elected officials and to interact with them using mobile phones.

Launched in July 2015 with financing from the Kingdom of Belgium, PAIDES provides support for democratic governance at the provincial level. It builds the capacities of elected provincial officials as well as of administrative staff in their legislative and monitoring functions. The project also supports communities gathered around various civil society organizations for a more engaged participation in the monitoring of public policy, citizen oversight, advocacy efforts and lobbying. PAIDES, in partnership with the Belgian Technical Cooperation (CTB), supports the revitalization of the Rural Agricultural Management Councils (CARG) as well as the establishment of the Provincial Advisory Councils (CCP) in the provinces of Kwilu, Kasaï Oriental and Tshopo.

The three websites are:

For more information, please contact: Cécile Meta, Project Manager, PAIDES | Email: Cecile.Meta@undp.org | Tel.: +243 (0) 817346799

Article Translated by Monty Brinckman

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