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Aug 21, 2015

Priya Gajraj, Country Director UNDP DRC. Copyrights: Papy Mulamba, UNDP DRC 2015

An English website in a French speaking country
The UNDP already has a website in French. However, we believe that by creating a website in English, we could stay in touch with English speakers everywhere in the world and share with them information that directly concerns the DRC and the sustainable human development programs supported by the UNPD. Moreover, monthly evaluations such as Web Analytics, show that English websites have much more visitors.
Therefore, the creation of this English website, will meet UNDP's strategy to inform and mobilize authorities, funding bodies, civil society, medias, partners, institutions, the academic world, in DRC and outside its frontiers. In these difficult times of resources mobilization, in order to follow through on our field programs, the UNPD in the DRC has to extend its audience and continue to put the accent on results, beneficiaries, the satisfaction of funding bodies and a good coordination with Congolese authorities. The website displays all these commitments. The use of both languages will allow us to be more attractive and pertinent, too.
The DRC is the first African country to have two websites, one in English, and one in French.  
The essential collaboration with online UNV network
Create a website in English does not mean that one can click on a button and, by magic, all the website content gets translated into the language of Shakespeare. It is thanks to the United Nations Volunteers online network that was mobilized by our UNV Program Officer Marc Lalanne, that 50 translators and proofreaders have worked non-stop during months to translate articles, documentaries, press releases, speeches, studies and other elements into English. In total, its sums up to about a 170 pages, and this is not over! More pages will be activated soon!
If the English website exists today, it is thanks to them all.
Thank you.
Priya Gajraj 
Country Director, UNPD-RDC

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