Government and UNDP United for Natural Disaster Risk Reduction

May 21, 2015

UNDP’s Country Office Director, Priya Gajraj and the Home Affairs and Security Deputy Minister, Martine Bukasa during the official launch of the DRR project

The ‘Capacity Building Support Project in the Area of Natural Disaster Risk Reduction in DRC’ was officially launched on Thursday, 21 May 2015 by the Home Affairs and Security Deputy Minister, Ms. Martine Bukasa and by UNDP’s Country Office Director, Priya Gajraj. This project aims to include natural disaster risk management in the framework of the human sustainable development strategy. It will also establish a map of the risks existing in South Kivu and revive the national platform concerning improved risk mitigation and protection of civilian populations. 
Natural disasters lie at the heart of State priorities and of the United Nations Development Programme including earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, drought and/or desertification. 
Sometimes these cataclysms are foreseeable; however, they occur dramatically in least developed countries. They devastate entire communities and regions leaving the most at-risk populations in a state of utter destitution. During the last 20 years, worldwide 4.4 million people were affected by catastrophes triggering a death toll of 1.3 million people and a negative economic impact estimated at USD 3,000 billion. 
Unfortunately, DRC is not immune from volcanic eruptions, landslides and flooding. In the wake of the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held in Sendai (Japan) in the second half of March 2015, it has been demonstrated that natural disaster risk reduction and human sustainable development are interconnected. Thus, it is the responsibility of authorities in place to proceed to a multi-sector and transversal integration of risk management in their sustainable development strategy. Since 2005, the UNDP has spent up to USD 2 billion in supporting national and local related programmes. Disaster risk reduction and community recovery are key result areas of UNDP’s Strategic Plan: 2014-2017.
In order to improve civilian protection, by officially launching the joint ‘Capacity Building Support Project in the Area of Natural Disaster Risk Reduction in DRC’, the Government and the UNDP aim to achieve the following:
  • Promote a sustainable development that reduces risk and people’s vulnerability to disasters;
  • Revive the national platform concerning disaster risk reduction for improved coordination and communication between various stakeholders and for improved action in terms of efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Strengthen the Government’s capacity to mitigate disasters and support the recovery of affected populations;
  • Map existing disaster risks in DRC – and especially in the pilot province of South Kivu - in order to ensure up-to-date and reliable data allowing stakeholders to efficiently respond to the prevention of and preparation for disasters

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