Peacebuilding thanks to the Amani community radio channel

Nov 6, 2014

Community radio in North-Kivu, Copyright UNDP DRC

As part of the Peacebuilding in North Kivu Mining and Industrial Areas project, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and international NGO “Search for Common Ground” (SFCG) will inaugurate Radio communautaire Amani in Rubaya on June 19, 2014.

Established on the heights of Rubaya …km from the city of Goma in the North Kivu province, Amani community radio can be heard on 95.5 FM in all communities of the Kibabi and Matanda regions of North Kivu.

The station is led by a team of 14 people, including eight journalists, four technicians and their director and administered by a management board representative of all social groups and communities. It will provide the inhabitants of local communities access to information.

Amani Radio’s aim is to encourage social cohesion and local development through its programming. The station’s mission is to promote dialogue and peacebuilding by providing a voice for those who have no other means of expressing themselves.

The Amani Community Radio team was assembled according to journalism techniques, radio production standards and conflict sensitive radio under the management of the NGO radio station “Search for Common Ground”.

The creation of the radio station is part of the joint “Consolidation de la Paix dans les Zones Minières et Artisanales du Nord Kivu” project. It is funded by the Government of Japan and supported by UNDP, UNICEF, and FAO. It is part of the MONUSCO’S Stratégie Internationale de Soutien à la Sécurité et à la Stabilisation that supports the government programme.


Amadou Guisset, Project Manager,

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