Photos are worth more than a long speech!

Nov 8, 2013

Alain, 19 years of age, visits the UNDP photo exhibit at the Goma Youth Centre. Copyright: Benoît Almeras-Martino / UNDP, November 2013

From November 2-10, 2013, the field office of the United Nations Development Programme in Goma organized a photo exhibit to present activities that it performs throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The exhibition was organized at the Goma Cultural Centre, also known as the Youth Centre (Maison des Jeunes).

For many visitors, such as Samuel, 19 years of age, the exhibit was on opportunity to learn about the activities of the UNDP. "We often see UNDP vehicles in the city, but we do not know what is happening on the ground – the exhibit enabled me to learn more about your activities."
Samuel is particularly interested by a photo of community radio station host in Bashu, a radio station supported by UNDP as part of its peace consolidation activities.

"This photo interests me a lot. I know that, through media, we can sensitize a large part of the population – I think this is the best way to achieve development. For me, it is the ideal photo!"

The collection of photos on display leaves no one indifferent – Alain, 19 years of age, sees the photos of former combatants who are reintegrated as a sign of hope. "The scourge affecting our country, it's the children who are integrated into armed groups, but this guy," he says, showing the photo of Muhindo Obedi, "he was able to re-establish himself and started to work as a carpenter. That made it possible for him to reintegrate into society."

Jackson Muhindo, one of the hosts at the Youth Centre, said to us: "These photos truly speak – they show that we can live even after tragic events, that we can rebuild – these are far greater messages than the photo shows."

The photo exhibition "Congolese Faces, Actions and Changes" was proposed for a second time in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, after having been presented at the French Cultural Centre of Kinshasa in November 2012.
The exhibition is comprised of 58 photos taken by Junior Kannah, Joseph Moura and Yves Sambu - these Congolese photographs won a UNDP grant following a national call for proposals.

Sent to all the provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the three photographers photographically documented the work of the UNDP to promote human development.

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