The municipality of Bipemba and the provincial revenue branch Mbuji Mayi are equipped with administrative buildings.

Jul 26, 2013

On Wednesday, 17 July 2013, tens of thousands attended the official handover of buildings which now house the administrative offices of the municipality of Bipemba and the provincial directorate of Mbuji Mayi, the capital of Kasai-Oriental.

The buildings were built and furnished by the United Nations Development Programme through their project for decentralisation and local development (with funding from the DFID cooperation). The buildings were given over to the provincial governor of Kasai-Oriental, Alphonse Ngoy Kasanji, by the country director of the United Nations Development Programme Adama Coulibaly. Members of the provincial assembly, the provincial government, and other notable guests, as well as some habitants of Bipemba, were present.

“This is a first: to see such a beautiful building of durable materials, well-lit and properly supplied with water, equipped with high-quality furniture  and technological equipment built in our town. Not since the colonial times,” exclaimed Mrs Brigitte Kanzewu, Mayor of Bipemba, before an immense crowd who came to admire this work. The buildings are now the pride of 910,000 habitants of the municipality.

Each building is built on 432 square metres and consists of 12 offices equipped with furniture, IT equipment, a conference room, a large presentation room, and 7 bathrooms.

To overcome the problems of accessing water and electricity, problems with which the town of Mbuji Mayi is familiar, the UNDP provided the 2 buildings with energy sources such as solar panels and generators, as well as with water tanks to provide access to water.


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