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The target has not yet been reached, but substantial progress is being made

The increase in primary school enrolment ratios observed at the country level between 2010 and 2012 is almost evenly distributed among boys and girls, a 15 per cent and 16 per cent increase, respectively. The Gender Equality Index for enrolment considered at the country level has almost remained steady since 2010: it is set at 0.87 for primary education, 0.59 for secondary education and 0.48 for tertiary education in 2012.
At the country level in 2012, 72.0 per cent of women were literate compared to 88.2 per cent men, a gender ratio of 0.82. Women are still largely non-represented at the decision-making level of institutions, holding only 9.8 per cent of seats in Parliament for the 2011-2016 state legislature compared to 8.4 per cent in 2006-2011. On average, the status of women index (ICF) is 0.49 compared to the target of 1.0 set for 2015.

Girls/Boys Ratio in Primary School (100 = parity)

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