Congolese soldiers Congolese soldiers attending a presentation to raise awareness of the importance to protect civilians in Goma (North Kivu). Credit: Benoit Almeras, UNDP, 2013.

The activities relating to democratic government follow five main objectives, which are also adhered to by MONUSCO and other development partners:

1. reinforcement of Parliament (and of its provincial equivalents) by using meeting halls as points of entry to improve parliamentary procedures, the skills of personnel and of committees, as well as the quality of the legislative process and inter-institutional dialogue, integrating the abilities of women (as staff and members of parliament) and addressing questions of gender equality and other disparities;

2. continued investment in the electoral cycle by developing the capacities of CENI (for example management of electoral files, public awareness campaigns), reinforcing the standards, systems, procedures and capabilities of the Constitutional Court as to the treatment and regulation of electoral disputes, the financing and technical advice for civil society groups regarding civic education, the promotion of participation among women in the electoral process (in terms of access, knowledge and education for the voters, candidates, and electoral agents), and assuring that political actors have better access to public media through the Audio-Visual Council;

3. supportive advice, institutional development and the establishment of partnerships to accelerate reforms in the areas of justice and security, through targeting the penal chain (police-laws-prisons), local police, the control of light weapons, citizen control and the fight against the impunity of perpetrators of sexual violence.

4. investment in the structures and capabilities of the Court of Auditors to reinforce the monitoring of public accounts;

5. strengthening of local government in selected provinces by working with the authorities and the local ministers to improve planning, construct a well-managed and realistic base budget, establish partnerships and promote citizen participation, particularly that of women and youth, create socioeconomic perspectives and strengthen the mechanisms of conflict management and intercommunity dialogue.


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