The UNDP and the United Nations

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As the leading UN agency and world development network, the UNDP provides leadership at the heart of the United Nations Coordination, also known as the United Nations System (UNS).  

In practice this means that for the DRC, the UNPD Resident Representative is the United Nations System Resident Coordinator and Resident Humanitarian Coordinator. Currently, Moustapha Soumaré holds this position. He is also the Deputy Representative to the UN Secretary-General.

Other structures also bring together UN organizations and encourage synergy among them at various levels:

  • The PMT (Program Management Team), which brings together all UN agency program managers. The UNDP participates just like all other UN agencies, but the Integrated Office organizes meetings focused mainly on exchanging information.
  • The OMT (Operation Management Team), assembles Operations Managers from all UN agencies, and the UNDP’s role is to lead this group.

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