Programme for the Reinforcement of Low Emission Capabilities


The INERA Meteorology station reequipped for the collection of data to help farmersThe INERA Meteorology station reequipped for the collection of data to help farmers. Credit: Geneviève Delaunoy, October 2013

The “Programme for the Reinforcement of Low Emission Capabilities / Democratic Republic of Congo" aims to help the country build itself a low-carbon national development strategy and to carry out its imminent implementation. It is specifically concerned with helping to construct dependable systems for preparing national emission inventories, to formulate appropriate mitigation measures on a national scale (NAMAs) for the Energy and Agriculture sectors, and to lay the foundations for a global low-carbon strategy, to establish MRV systems. This initiative will be directed in close collaboration with similar initiatives currently in place in the country, notably the REDD+ programme, the development of the third national communication, and thus the national climate plan.


Succeed in building a national strategy for the reduction of carbon emissions in The Democratic Republic of Congo in line with a sustainable development approach. In order to achieve this, the project will look to strengthen the capabilities of both public and private participants in such a way that the country is able to:
•    Create an inventory of greenhouse gasses
•    Identify appropriate actions for each sector (NAMAS)     
      making it possible to limit emissions ;
•    Establish predictions and implement controls and reliable verification measures (MRV)

What we've achieved so far

  • With the completion of the Copenhagen agreement in 2009, a certain number of countries on the path to development, including the DRC (who are not subject to the Kyoto Protocol) are committed to controlling their greenhouse gas emissions with the ultimate aim of seeing them reduced.
  • The signing of a framework agreement between the UNDP in New York and the European Union to help certain countries, including the DRC.
  • The DRC are committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions


European Union
US$ 642,000


Till October 2013 US$ 71,024  

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