Supporting the protection of the environment through the introduction and the improved home economics extension at the Kindu centre and its surroundings


Use of improved home of a family in ManiemaUse of improved home of a family in Maniema. Credit: Akiko Furuya, 2013.

Kindu, the capital of Maniema, which counts nearly 400 000 people, is faced with the same issue with regard to household energy, which other unban entities from the DRC. However, this agglomeration has the particularity of being located in a forested area where the land degradation is due to unsustainable agricultural practices, associated with pressure on the forest by the extraction project of wood for  the energy for cooking purposes has an immediate impact on the Equatorial forest and, on long term, on the environment.

In order to contribute to risk of mitigation, the actual project advocates the introduction and the distribution models suitable for improved households, aiming the Kindu population, by providing technical, logistical and managerial support at UWAKI Maniema, for the development of an artistic scale production, but with prospect growth. Once the framework for concertation and dialogue is functional, it will serve as catalyst of synergies between the actors of public services (Environmental/Rural Development...), the private sector (merchants) and the civil society (artists associations, women’s group) in view of sustainable development on long term.

What we have accomplish until this present day

  • 100 households distributed among the population for experimentation, due to the training organization on the way of building improved homes in Kindu
  • The organization of a validation workshop of improved homes where have been exposed three other types of fashionable braseros in the region. The improved modeled home also known as “Bembeleza” has been kept by 99% of the participants
  • The identification of 13 implementation sites, the layout and the equipment of 13 artistic workshop (an organizational support and material have made these 13 workshops operational for the purpose of this project)
  • In total 87 individuals had the opportunity to take advantage of the training on the building techniques of improved homes during the project where 65 newly trained and 22 others were trained or saw their reinforced capacity
  • An educational spot has been produced and is broadcast on a daily basis on different radio stations to entice all inhabitants of Kindu to use the improve homes
  • 20 signs bearing with messages on the importance of improved homes were installed in the city and its surroundings and are read on a daily basis by several individuals
  • 39 local hosts trained by the project carry out constantly awareness from door to door or interpersonal on the same thematic
  • 1,210 trees have been planted in Kindu and its surroundings
  • 1,394 improved homes have been built where 1,095 have been sold


Donor Amount
UNDP  US$ 69,995.98
Local communities  US$ 9,100

Expenses made

Year Amount
2013 US$ 59,832  

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