Citizen Participation


Tax census operation at Mbuji Mayi (Oriental-Kasaï)Tax census operation at Mbuji Mayi (Oriental-Kasaï). Credit: Junior D. Kannah, UNDP, 2011.

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society actors, including the media, so that they can fulfil their role in the political and democratic governance dialogue with more professionalism.

It also aims at strengthening radio communities, particularly in conflict zones as well as the media regulating organism.

Furthermore, in order to realize the commitments made by the government in the area of improving governance through better transparency, the project also aims to strengthen the citizen control of public management for the emergence of an engaged civil society in the fight against corruption.

What we achieved to this day

Strengthening civil society intelligence capabilities been a specific component, the issue of its participation and its involvement in the other components was treated in a transversal manner with a view to promote a culture of participation and monitoring and evaluation of public policies and development.

The support brought by the UNDP to the Congolese civil society in synergy with other TFP, has allowed for:
• The establishment of a national framework for consultation of civil society at the end of the first national civil society forum; implementation that allows to formalize the interaction within civil society in a more organized context for better participation in policy dialogues;
• The identification and designation of leaders of that consultation framework;
• The adoption of a strategic action plan and a road map of the consultation


Donor Amount
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 141,608.98 US$

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