Supporting the police reform: Introduction of the neighborhood police


Supporting the neighborhood policeJudicial and safety governance – Supporting the neighborhood police. Credit Junior Kannah – 2012

The project “neighborhood Police” is set in the priority action plan of the reform of the National police. It aims at implementing the new doctrine in the town of Bunia and the city of Goma.

This project allows among other things the awareness of the population to tools of the neighborhood police: security diagnostic, local security plan, local security project, Council of local security; rehabilitation of a police station and of four sub-stations in Bunia; the construction of a police station and of four sub-stations in Goma...

On each level of the police station of reference, will be installed a Council of local security. It is the body of concertation established the decentralized local authorities, which will allow political and administrative authorities; civil society and the National Congolese Police to make a shared diagnosed of the security and establish a local security plan. It will consist of 15 members.

What we have accomplish until this present day

  • 60 000 individuals in the five aimed vicinities in Bunia have acquired knowledge on the new doctrine of the neighborhood Police due to the first phase of awareness of door to door made. This allowed nearly 33% of the aware population to acquire knowledge on the role and the advantages of the neighborhood Police in their respected neighborhoods compared to Baseline of 9% registered at the beginning of the project. The second phase of the awareness is scheduled from October 20th to December 20th to maximize the chance of obtaining the maximum of the population aimed in Bunia.
  • The first forum of the neighborhood in Mudzipela (Bunia/Ituri) was operational due to training its members, organized by the project, on tools of the neighborhood Police.
  • The general training in neighborhood Police in favor of 260 police trainee is in progress since September 26, 2013, at the instruction center of Kapalata in Kisangani, for a period of 12 months, nine months of theory training at Kapalata and three month in practical training to accomplish in Bunia.
  • 1 police station and 4 sub-stations are built in Bunia, once equipped, will contribute to improving the work condition of police officer who will be affected after the training of Kapalata/Kisangani.
  • The achievement of these first works has reinforced the confidence of the population at the National Congolese Police and to the realization of the implementation of the neighborhood Police.

Funding of the project

Donor Amount
UNPD (BCPR & UNPD DRC) US$ 3,482,850

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