Judicial Monitoring 2010 / 2011

Published on 01 Jan 2012
couverture du rapport


This report gives a preview of the general and specific judicial response given with regards to the cases of sexual violence, at each step of the legal procedure, in Ituri, and in North and South Kivu.

It comprises, on one hand, very precise and reliable quantitative statistics on the treatment of the records of sexual violence at all levels of the penal chain; and on the other hand, it gives a qualitative analysis of the respect of the right to trial of the parties, on the basis of a sample of 110 verdicts.

This report also provides a study on the hearing circuit, and on information pertaining to the execution of judgements, particularly the effective payment of damages and interests awarded to the victims of sexual violence.

The scope of this work is wide-ranging: it began more than two years ago (July 2009), and was conducted by a team of 10 people, who surveyed 289 police posts and 56 judicial institutions of common and military law throughout the entire territories of North Kivu, South Kivu, and Ituri.

Key data

  • The judicial response to the demands for justice by victims of sexual violence remains weak at all levels of the legal procedure.
  • In total, 6554 cases of sexual violence have been pursued legally.
  • However, only 674 judgements have been handed down, equivalent to a rate of about 10%.

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